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Amandine Mano Pilates

Pilates is a discipline open to all .

Courses from beginner to more advanced are offered by

Amandine Mano , certified teacher.

She will be able to combine her great knowledge of the body

to his professional experience

in order to allow you to progress in complete safety

in strengthening your deep muscles and your posture .

To relieve , avoid joint or muscle pain

and improve the figure.

These courses are specific to each with exercises

targeted to your needs.

The benefits of Pilates

- Better flexibility
- Improved balance
- Reduction of stress and fatigue
- Improved physical condition and coordination
- Improved quality of sleep, transit and respiratory capacity
- Improved posture and strengthened deep muscles

- Improvement of the silhouette
- Reduced risk of injury and muscle imbalance

Come and enjoy these benefits alone, as a duo or in a group


Amandine Mano Pilates

The Progressing Ballet Technique or PBT is a program

innovative body conditioning and strengthening developed by 

Marie Walton-Mahon ( )

One of the important elements used in the PBT method to achieve a better

personal level is muscle memory.

Memory that helps improve understanding of trunk stability,

body weight placement and alignment.

Each exercise in the program was developed by M.Walton-Mahon

supervised by a team of physiotherapists.

This method is used in many large schools and international dance companies in America, Australia, Canada and is developing in Europe.

The GM dance & well-being workshop - 111 rue de Chassin 64600 Anglet

Phone: 06 24 09 58 61


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