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Tarif famille : 1 mois offert sur le plus bas des 2 abonnements annuels(-10%)

Tarif étudiant 18/25 ans : 2 mois offerts sur l'abonnement annuel(-20%)

Tarif demandeur d'emploi : 1 mois offert sur l'abonnement annuel(-10%)

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Classic dance

This discipline allows

to the children (girls and boys) of:


- become aware of their body

- structure and strengthen their posture 

- gain confidence

- work in groups and on their own

- progress in patience and in  concentration

- work on musicality

- apprehend the taste of effort

and the desire to do well

From 4 years old

Classic dance

From 8 to 10 years old

and 11 to 13 years old

For students who do not have

didn't have the opportunity to

start ballet dancing

younger, this class their

will allow you to start

on a good basis.

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Classic dance
Adult Beginner

If you never

practiced classical dance

or you want

an upgrade,

this course is for you.

The teachers will make you (re)discover


with a gentle approach.

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Choreographic Workshop

From 12 to 16 years old

The Contempodern mixes dance

neoclassical, contemporary and modern.

Cyril Griset as

as a choreographer, has been able to create

his own style inspired by all

the ballets and plays of the different

choreographers he met during

of his professional career.

His classes will offer, to students who have already had a few years of dance (classical, contemporary, modern or jazz), a warm-up

followed by a choreographic workshop of

original dance creations.

Classic dance
Average Adult

If you have a few years

of practice, knowledge

basics, which you want to deepen

even progress in classical dance,

this course is for you.

You can go further

technique and take

pleasure in execution


Cours de danse classique adulte


Pilates classes for everyone

with the use of small equipment

(Mats, balloons, foam roller, isotonic...)


- Senior Pilates

- Pregnant Women Pilates

lessons by appointment

Pilates Work Out

Body maintenance

From beginners to more experienced audiences,

just come and enjoy

evolve on the music while playing

with classical dance gestures

adapted by teachers to

everyone's possibilities.

entretien corpo senior

floor bar
Muscle building

Accessible to everyone.

Work on the ground to strengthen, shape your silhouette, improve your posture and your flexibility. All to music.


Individual coaching



Personalized advice and follow-up.


Preparation for entry

in large schools.

Paris Opera, Superior Conservatories

in France and abroad.

Preparation for the auditions for the 

international companies.

Preparation for competitions.

Preparation EAT Classical Dance

Realization of photos and video supports 

for auditions.

The GM dance & well-being workshop - 111 rue de Chassin 64600 Anglet

Phone: 06 24 09 58 61


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